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With Youtube Video KeyTop you can generate traffic for your videos based on keywords and gain more real visitors on the channel.

Build, save and use your own build configurations or share them with others. Special features like manual stop traffic generator or realistic human movement on page are available.
The bot can generate traffic with a custom number of threads, using many options to change identity with private proxies or searching automatically for free proxies.

User agent, screen resolution and operating system are random and they are unique in every thread with many possible combinations.
The customer can also choose to receive mobile traffic, from phones & tablets.

Waiting time is also an important feature, this represent how much time the bot will stay on your video, bot it’s configured to select a random time between 2 custom numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Will the software receive any updates in the future?

A : Yes, we still update the software when it’s required. Currently, we are not looking to add any other features.


Q : It will gain traffic or views?

A : This is the most asked question by our customers. The software will give you traffic using keywords, views will come by real visitors.


Q : Do I have to set a limit?

A : No, Youtube Video KeyTop automatically have an algorithm to not be detected.


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