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Automatizer Builder is one of the best products available on market for both Windows software & bots creator. The product comes up with over 40+ commands capable of doing almost all possible tasks. Control the browser, edit registry editor and processes, run events for keyboard or mouse, display notifications, take screenshots, run different scripts and many more possibilities.

*Browser Commands*

Let you control your browser from navigate to scraping.

*System Commands*

Comes up with sub categories such as :

Registry commands that let you have full control of registry editor
Process commands give you the possibility of start processes with custom conditions and also shutdown them
Keyboard event & Mouse event offers access to drag, move, click, press, release and hold actions.
Notifications inform the user with messages about different data, most used on testup.

You can also find the Screenshot command that captures the full screen or only a region, Camera capture that make possible to start webcam and take a photo and the least one ‘Run VBScript’ that can run visual basic scripts both from the main script or from a path.

*Flow Commands*

These allows you to control the way commands flow in your script. You can create statements like ‘If… then… else’ , loop custom user commands, wait or stop script.

*File Commands*

Let you create, read, write or delete files. Also, you have the possibility of create and delete folders.

*Data Commands*

Comes up with 2 sub categories :

Variable commands that let you create variables, set values, increment or decrement.
List commands gives you access to create lists, add and delete items in lists and also clear them.

*Log Commands*

Write console and Clear console. These 2 commands are important while your in development of your script but they are still used even when the project reach the final version.

*Custom Commands*

At first this category comes up with only one command that let you create custom commands based on your scripts. This is very useful when you create big scripts or for different commands such as ‘Loop’.


These are used to let the script run only if the computer meet the requirements. You can add restrictions for operating system, screen resolution or internet connection.


The command panel is always in improvements, weekly new commands and new setup options are implemented or optimized.

In the left panel you can see all commands and conditions available in the latest version of the software.

Recommend us anytime new features / report bugs and receive coupons, free plugins or upgraded versions. Community can anytime help and receive rewards based on the reports.

Developer Panel is one of the most important tools implemented in Automatizer Builder. View all variables and lists from your project with their values in real time making it easier to modify, edit or delete them.

Just like this tool, there are many others that are already implemented or can be imported using different plugins. In the near future these plugins can be created by the community using a special developed engine.

Additional information

Operating System

Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Processor (Recommend)

Intel® Core™ i3-8145U Processor (4M Cache, up to 3.90 GHz)

RAM (Recommend)

RAM 2 GB DDR2, 800 MHz


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